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The Plan

Our departure from Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 14,1998 at 7:45 am begins a series of flights that will take over 26 hours.  We will stop in Denver, Colorado; Seattle, Washington and Bangkok, Thailand where we will spend the night before continuing on to Katmandu, Nepal.  We plan to spend a week in the Katmandu Valley.  The next several weeks will be dedicated to exploring the Himalayan mountains, with planned treks to the Annapurna and Everest regions. The length of time spent in the Himalayas will depend upon the climate and our inability to travel great distances at high altitudes.  The estimated date of departure from Nepal is November 25,1998.
What really happened:  We followed the plan, well sort of --

The journey begins here on arrival from Minnesota.

Chasing the Sun
October 14, 1998 — The beginning.
"The flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo took over 15 hours. From the time we left until the time we arrived, the sun never went down. We were literally chasing the sun..."

Katmandu Airport
October 15, 1998 — Our travelers approach Nepal.
"The flight from Bangkok to Katmandu took three hours.  As we approach Nepal, reality turns surreal - viewing mountain peaks above the clouds..."

KC's Restaurant
October 17, 1998 — Nepalese Cuisine.
"We went to KC's for dinner on our second night in Katmandu.  Seated on a terrace, we dined above the streets of Thamel..."

11 years in Nepal
October 19, 1998 —Flesh for sale.
"Around every corner in Katmandu there is someone selling something. Hashish, tiger balm, and pocketknives..."

The Monkey Temple
October 20, 1998 — The Center of Religion.
"Swayambhunath or the Monkey Temple is an important Buddhist Center located high on a hill west of Katmandu. Geologists believe that the Katmandu Valley was once a lake..."

Pashpatinath and Bodnath
October 22, 1998 — A walk in the country.
"it is easy to find a guide in every part of the Katmandu Valley (Our first day in Nepal we innocently had a guide take us around the corner)..."

A Day in the Life...
October 15-23, 1998 — The lads..their lives.
"The hippies used to stay in the old city on a street called "freak street" here in Katmandu... "

The Great Ascent...
Oct 25 - Nov 15, 1998 —  They reach out, and touch the face of Freedom.
The following chronicles Jeff and Mike's journey into and out of the foothills to Everest:
  Day 1: Lukla
  Day 2-3: Lukla to Namche Bazaar
  Day 4: Acclimatization day in Namche
  Day 5: Kumjung
  Day 6: Pangboche
  Day 7-8: Periche
  Day 9: The Dugla Dilemma
  Day 10: Lobuje
  Day 11: Gorak Shep and Kala Pattar
  Day 12: Everest Base Camp
  Day 13-14: The Great Descent
  Day 15: The End of Chapter One
  Day 16-17: Phortse to Gokyo
  Day 18-19: The Fifth Lake and Gokyo Ri
  Day 20: Namche
  Day 21: The Lukla Dilemma

Week Off, The Return to Katmand from Everest
November 15-20
, 1998 — A change in the action.
"The strange thing is that after three days passed we hadn't felt as though we needed a shower..."

The Ungreat Ascent...
November 21-28
, 1998 — They reach out and are done in by---
The following chronicles Jeff and Mike's journey into and out of the foothills to Annapurna:

Day 1-2: Ghandrunk
Day 3: Pokahara stop
  Day 4-8: Pokaraha trek

The Posters
November 23, 1998 — One of life's great mysteries?
"if you know what this means, please email us..."

The Run for the Border
December 4-5, 1998 — A busman's holiday.
"We woke up at 7 am, which was a little bit late.  No matter, this was the moment we had come to Sunali to experience..."

The next two months are an extraordinary sojourn through india.

in February, 1999 we return from india for a brief stopover.

Back in Nepal from india
February 6-11
, 1999 — The boys reckshaw into a pile of garbage and celebrate.
"NO WAY!!! i can't believe it."

Neela's Wedding
February 10
, 1999 — invited to a Nepales Wedding.
"a small fire pit in the courtyard of an ancient temple served as the main alter"

The journey continues by air from here to Thailand.