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[Thanks guys!]

space.gif Namche - Day 20

Oct 25 - Nov 15, 1998

Tonight we arrived back in Namche, the three of us stopped at a local bakery and ate 5 pizza's, and laughed at the people that were looking clean, on there way up and clueless as to what was in front of them. We all went to the local saloon that evening, where they boasted the only pool table in the Khumbu region.(some porters carried it up on there backs!!!) We enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and the satisfaction of what we had accomplished and knowing we had no more up hill climbs and 3 days to relax before our flight left from Lukla(one day walk) to Katmandu.

That night back in the room Mike reread the journal entries from the trek and we were delighted to realize the walk into Namche was almost as excruciating as the walk was from Phakding 3 weeks ago(the final leg of this walk required us to climb out of a 400+ meter valley) . Out toes were bleeding and raw, Mikes hip hurt, Jeff's knee hurt we smelled and had not a clean piece of clothing between the two of us. All in all - this trek had been unreal and worth every painful step.