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The Plan

As we are sure you understand, it is very hard to say for certain when we will arrive in Thailand.  We know it will be between February 1-15, 1999.  Although there are extensive cultural and religious sites all over Thailand we have decided that after our exploration of Nepal and India, we will want to rest. After about a week in Bangkok we will visit some of the worlds most beautiful islands and beaches in the southern peninsula of Thailand.  During this relaxing portion of the trip we hope to rent a beach hut and take one or two day trips out to the various islands.  A month of lounging on Thailand's beaches should prepare us pefectly for Bali, Indonesia's main tourist island.
What got added to Thailand?  A side trip to Vietnam!
The journey continues here on arrival from India and Nepal.

February 12-16, 1999  — The boys arrive in Thailand and figure out what to do.
"they teach and practice the ancient art of Thai message"

Going to Koa Toa
February 16-17, 1999  — Dealing with the Cheap N' Smile Travel Agency.
"First Blood"

Koa Toa
February 18-24, 1999  — Homework and learing to Scuba Dive.
"colorful coral reefs that look like a Hollywood set"

After PADI diving certification the group returns to Bangkok and flies to Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
February 27 - 28, 1999 — A disturbing but necessary visit to the Vietnam War Museum.
"The caption underneath it read "U.S. soldier laughing as he holds a dead Vietnamese" It was awful to see"

Dalat and Nah Trang - Vietnam
March 1st - 5th, 1999 — In Vietnam, the tourist industry is run by the government.
"our choice was to either get off at the few stops to buy crappy souvenirs and drink Pepsi, or stay on board"

Hoi An - Vietnam
March 6th - 7th, 1999 — Touring kicks up a notch.
"far-stretching views of the South China Sea. Best of all, were the ancient caves that held huge Buddha Statues."

Hue - Vietnam
March 8th - 9th, 1999 — What has become of the DMZ (De- Militarized Zone)?
"We saw that the atrocities committed were not one sided, and that everyone involved suffered."

Hanoi - Halong Bay - Vietnam
March 10th - 14th, 1999 — Worthwhile travel to the national park on Cat Ba Island
"Vietnam had its ups and downs. It was beautiful and disgusting."

The group leaves Vietnam and returns to Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok to Phuket
March 1st - 5th, 1999 — Loving a large, hot, Mecca of tourist hell.
"the New Siam attic, which appears to have been constructed and assembled between the time we asked, 'Do you have a three bed room?' and, 'We have your room ready!'"

Whale Sharks
"Once upon a time... God, Buddha, Allah, the Wizard of Oz, Jesus, Shiva, the Beatles, Aslan, Brahma and Zeus, (or whatever your flavor) were chillin' out one afternoon"

The M/V Shortcut
March 18-23  — On the M/V (motor-vessel) Shortcut for 5 days
We eventually passed out under the canopy and stars, laying on thin pads, listening to the rhythm of the waves.

The Last of Bangkok
March 24th - April 1 The last of 4 weeks of Thailand and 2 weeks of Vietnam.
We wove through hundred's of aisles with shops selling clothes, food, porcelain, more clothes, live animals, kitchen supplies, even more clothes, video games, jewelry, and of course clothes.

Our adverturers leave Thailand and head off to Bali