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space.gif Chasing the Sun

October 14, 1998

The flight from Minneapolis to Tokyo took over 15 hours. From the time we left until the time we arrived, the sun never went down. We were literally chasing the sun. As we watched the sunset through the huge floor to ceiling windows in the Tokyo airport, we thought we had finally caught the sun but we realized that it had really just eluded us once again. The sunset, however, was very beautiful and it reminded us that like our trip it is the seeking not the finding that is the reward.

This trip has many purposes, it is a spiritual cleanser, a vision quest (not the movie with Mathew Modine), a chance to gain a new perspective on life, a break from the daily grind, and the freedom to live in the moment. A chance to go from place to place when and why we choose. Our friends and family have all asked the countless question,"Why?"

Why do anything other than do it?

Our goals might never be fully within our grasp. We might search the planet only to find the treasure was not the Grail we seek...but rather the Quest that has lead us down these paths.

For now, we will continue to chase the sun........