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The Plan
Around April 1, 1999 we hope to travel by boat from Bali to one of Austrailia's western ports. We will then travel across this huge country/continent to the beautiful northwest coast and the Great Barrier Reef.  We will travel south down the west coast to Sydney, Melbourne, and Victoria where opposite of North America it will be summer turning to autumn and will get a bit chillier as we head south away from the equator. If time and money permits we will fly to New Zealand and back before leaving on May 15, 1999 from Sydney back home. 
What really happened: Our travelers opted for a month long dash along Australia's spectacular west coast in a camper van.
April 11-16, 1999 - The culture shock of reentering the western world.
"some kind soul left a box of croissants, tarts, and jams, from their unfinished breakfast, sitting on top of the cart holding our backpacks"

Day One
April 17, 1999  - Camping out with kangaroos
"we had enough food, water, gas-burning stove, and battery powered refrigerator to last days"

Monkey Mia
April 18, 1999 - Earth’s oldest living entities.
"stromalites, at 3 billion years"

Wading with the Dolphins
April 19, 1999  - What is a dugong? It's not a dolphin.
Two young boys came running past, presumably to wake their mum and dad, yelling, "Dolphins, Dolphins!!!!"

No Gas I
April 20, 1999 - A van named Pavlova
Jeff singing "One big Mob, aw yeah, aw yeah!!!"

Whale Shark II
April 21, 1999 - The Phantom Menace
"We were awoken by the highly anticipated call - lunch!"

April 22-23, 1999  - Dealing with Captain George - the king of whale sharking
"we were doomed"

Whale Shark III
April 24, 1999 - The Final Death Blow
"They hatched a conspiracy so grand it would go on for years undetected."

No gas II
April 25, 1999 _ Dealing with Pavlova's drink of choice
"We sent Rochelle to the curb to "show a little leg," and get us some petrol."

April 26, 1999 - Our travelers were forced to take off their shoes
"Today was the most glorious day of Western Australia on the trip thus far."

April 27-30, 1999 - Jeff and Mike were land locked
"Flight over the Bungle Bungle Mountains."

May 1, 1999 - Doing a little van reading?
"Mike jumped from the rocks above into the pool with fervor."

Jumping Crocs?
May 2, 1999 - Going for raw porky treats
"There's one now, keep your hands in the boat!"

Darwin to Alice Springs
May 3-6, 1999 - Taking care of business
"A better birthday could not have been wished for by any human alive on this planet."

Ayers Rock
May 7-8, 1999  - A mistake paid for by thighs
"We could seemingly see the curvature of the earth and if we squinted just right could actually make out our own backs!"

Kata Tjuta
May 9-10, 1999 - Good by Jimmy-Jo-Bob-Lova
"where the walls rose up above us into the sky - The Valley of the Winds."

May 10–15, 1999 - Salame with talented dancers
"Are we ready for this?"

From here it's back to  USA
Including the "Best Of Awards" found during our travels