The Best Of Awards
space.gif (52 bytes) Awards and Honorable Mentions
granted during our travels

Best Item:
Adam Stern – Water filter
Rob Saeks – Flash light/lantern

Best Advice:
Amit Bahti – invaluable information on India

Best View:
Kala Patar

Most Studly:

Most Interesting Disease:
The Josher

Most Knowledge Gained:
Rochelle Rosen

Best Animal Trainer:
Marc Lauriac

Most Likely to Save Our Lives Later in Life:
Manuel Pizzaro

Best Smelling After Twelve Days Without Showering (and all other times):
Emmanuel Achard

Best Photos:
Benti Banach

Best Linguistics:
Mathew "yo" Herman

Neela Khadka

Best Guesthouse:
The Swoniga – Katmandu, Nepal

Best Meal:
Mama’s Thali – the Homey Lodge, Varanassi India

Best Camel:

Most Memorable Sayings:
India - "Not Possible", "Bush"
Nepal - "Finis"
Thailand - "Same, Same but Different"
Vietnam - "Bun Tit Nun," "Don’t Be Lazy"
Bali - "Transport?"
Australia - "Your shout, Sheila!," "chuck a U-ie"